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Ideologicial/political boycotts – (Євромайдан бойкот) Ukraine

December 13, 2013

On 1st December, I picked up on Yuri Lutsenko’s then plan for the immediate future of Євромайдан – as well as deliberating over whether he speaks as a civil society leader that he now claims to be, or an opposition politician/ strategist.

One of the two strategic bullet points he numbered “5” was “Businesses in Kyiv and other cities go on strike.”

My initial thoughts then, written as follows, with underlining added today: – Fanciful – For those that want to, fair enough. But people need to eat, buy fuel, medicines and the other basics of life requiring some businesses stay open even if they would like to strike in a particular location.

Times are also that good that businesses can afford to close voluntarily and indefinitely?

Perhaps, as with the students, coordinated single days of closure would be a more realistic option for all?

Can there be perhaps a more nuanced and strategically surgical method is via personal spending power, which boycotts product X or Y, or business X or Y, for ideological purposes en masse? Why hurt the entire economy when targeting assets of those most closely associated with the Vilnius Summit can be surgically boycotted?

Naturally allowances should be given for Mr Lutsenko’s rather fanciful thinking when making his list at the time.  It is quite difficult to keep a rational, strategic and realistic head on your shoulders when “caught up in the moment” – even if we should expect a rational, strategic and realistic response from an ex-Minister of the Interior with many years of experience at a high political level.  Such is the dire calibre of the Ukrainian political class however.

Anyway, it would seem that somebody within the Євромайдан movement has eventually started to look at issues long term and strategically.  A list of oligarchy entities to boycott has now emerged in a document entitled Євромайдан бойкот.


This will at least allow those who simply cannot be in Kyiv manning the snow barricades, to show their solidarity via surgically applying domestic economic pressure to those close to the inner workings of government.

How successful it will be very much depends on the dissemination of the list linked above however – so those who would support this strategy should feel free to retweet and share this entry across social media to facilitate the aforementioned dissemination.

Nevertheless, despite being 12 days after I raised the obvious possibility, it appears an attempt to carry out this action is about to get under way.

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