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Back in Ukraine – A few initial thoughts

December 12, 2013

Well, I am pleased to be back in Ukraine – even if my stay in the UK was a day longer than anticipated.

A few initial thoughts as I wade through more than one thousand emails and a weeks worth of reading and catching up on all events Ukrainian both within and without євромайдан.

It would appear that at last, a sufficient number of Ukrainians have the determination to show that they have grown up democratically and politically far faster than than the political class of all colours.  Something for the current leadership to contend with now, but something for the current opposition to remember for the future in equal measure.

We are perhaps witnessing the labour pains relating to the birth of a nation.  Whether the current contractions will produce that birth naturally, be a false labour, be induced, or artificially delayed is question at hand.

As for the UK, that appears to be headed into some form of collective political and social dementia far beyond the expectations I had before going!

Tomorrow, hopefully, something more erudite when I have caught up with everything.

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