Days of Ukraine 17 – 19 October – London

October 18, 2013

Well, today is the first day of the “Days of Ukraine” event in London.

http://adlog.tv/5213.htm?v=1%20????????%20???%202783 – A current advert for the event being shown in Ukraine.

An event designed to  ‘improve the perception of our country abroad, to promote a positive image of Ukraine as a European country with both a rich cultural heritage and vibrant contemporary culture” –  organised, sponsored by GF Group owned by Dmitry Firtash and The Firtash Foundation.

What can you say?

Nothing could possibly improve the image of Ukraine and promote a positive image more than a few days of Ukrainian culture and heritage, heavily and overtly sponsored by a Ukrainian oligarch with some allegedly very controversial associates.

Then again, what could possibly be more Ukrainian than such an event having such an “interesting” sponsor given the symmetry of  parallel attempts to distance themselves from murky pasts?

Europe, after all, since 1946, has been fairly good at rehabilitation – no reason why Ukraine and Mr Firtash would be an exception.


  1. Well money always speaks, doesn’t it?

    Opening event was from LSE this morning, a pillar of society, definitely not the underbelly! ;-(

    • Money certainly does – especially in the City of London and the London real estate market.

      Opening the event at LSE will have old lefty alumni such as Edward Lucas turning in his Economist editors chair ha ha ha!

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