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Moldova – deleveraging Russian influence

August 10, 2013

In what may turn out to be a rather significant development with regard to the leverage Russia has within Moldova when it comes to using energy as a tool, it seems the EU has allocated Euro 7 million to begin a Romanian/Moldavian gas line – allowing gas to be transited to Moldova via Romania – with construction to begin on 27th August.

Construction anticipated to b completed by th year end – Bravo!

Gas via Romania to Moldova is expected to be consumed from the winter of 2014, supplying 1.5 billion cubic meters per annum.

Not something that will help resolve the most toxic issue of Transnistria, a significant problem when it comes to Moldavian/EU integration – but certainly a very positive step, allowing further room for maneuver when it comes to Moldavian direction towards th EU.

It will be interesting to see the Russian reaction.

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