Transparency International Corruption Barometer – Eastern Europe

July 21, 2013

There are times when I rue my lack of IT skills.

How much more interesting would the few blogs I run be, if they were more aesthetically appealing and reader interactive?

Today is a day to rue my incapabilities once more.

Although I do not put much store in the Transparency International Corruption Barometer, having much more faith in the World Bank Corruption Index, here is a very nice infographic based on the TI Corruption Barometer that allows readers to see different levels of perceived corruption in various institutions across several “Eastern Europe” nations.

Sadly I remain incapable of producing anything like it!


  1. I reckon you can create such graphics, have you tried that site out?

    Even though my primary blog contains only aggregated businesss articles, I do endeavour to include images/videos from original and looking at my Google stats they are the most popular.

    • I’ll try to find the time for a little play – however it won’t be for a few days at least. UK Charges D’Affaires and lunch (on the UK taxpayer – I hope) takes immediate priority for Monday, then Wednesday or Thursday, lunch with a Greek attache, and dinner sometime between Tuesday and Friday with a famous Russian IT guru.

      Perhaps the week after next I’ll have a chance to dabble with graphics – or perhaps not!

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