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Creating a temporarily united (and civil) civil society in Ukraine – m=F/a

July 18, 2013

There are few things defied by the laws of physics.

Of critical importance for the forthcoming presidential elections in 2015 is a coordinated, impartial, cordial and effective plan by Ukrainian pro-democracy/transparency/accountability civil society actors to monitor as many polling stations as is possible to carry out parallel vote counts.

In short there is a need for the currently rather uncivil Ukrainian civil society to prepare to work together for a change – for the greater good.  They must begin planning how to work together now.

Whilst it may suit certain civil society actors to be isolationistic  and thus remain swift and nimble in pursuing their own agendas and goals in their own way and in their own time – the presidential elections of 2015 is not time to refuse cooperation with others within civil society of a similar agenda – no matter how aloof, self-aggrandising, dismissive and uncivil towards their fellow civil society actors they regularly are.

There are undoubtedly times when being small, swift, nimble and self-accountable are huge bonuses when it comes to achievement of goals.

However in the prelude to, and during, the presidential elections of 2015, the ability to be swatted like a fly by the political elite of any persuasion is not going to be a sound position.  Also being small and nimble rarely provides the large area coverage needed to take on large and important tasks effectively.

There is now a need to create “Mass” – which as the laws of physics dictate require Force and acceleration (m=F/a).   If you prefer Kilograms = Newtons/MpS.

Thus the larger number of pro-democracy/transparency/accountability civil society actors working together in an agreed plan to cover as much geographical area without repetition or overlap, the greater the weight and thus the greater the mass when the plan is actioned.

It is not so easy to swat an elephant as effectively as that of a fly if trying to crush, injure or harm it in any way.

Quite simply it is necessary to scale up by orders of magnitude, the abilities of individual civil society actors if they are going to have any chance to make successful interventions as as many polling stations as if possible across the entire Ukrainian nation – and this can only be achieved by working together to a single plan.

As I have written previously, the coordination of such uncivil civil society can only really be achieved by an actor that has involvement and engagement with them all – and has a real vested interest in, if not the political outcome, the electoral processes and adherence to there of – and that actor is the EU.

Th EU is also probably one of the only civil society “donors” to Ukraine with sufficient leverage and finances to coerce an uncivil civil society to act to a joint plan – civilly.

There is of course a risk that any time now spent sitting all relevant civil society actors around a table, providing a plan, leadership and financing for a nationwide parallel vote count will come to naught due to the vanities of some civil society actors or their sponsors – but it is a risk worth taking if the impact of a large mass, carefully aimed at the shenanigans of the political elite and state institutions is going to be fully felt across the entire nation.

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