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Buying off the bloggers – Ukraine

July 17, 2013

Now here is an interesting little article relating to politicians and political parties buying off the blogosphere at election time in Ukraine.

Would I sell my integrity and that of this blog (or any of my others) for $500 to write something unconditionally  pro or anti any particular Ukrainian political party?

Certainly not – particularly as this blog has been running for years and has both lauded and condemned all parties equally, dependent upon any policy being both good and effective, OK but ineffective or simply awful and counterproductive – I believe some readers would notice any change and know I had sold out.

Also, it has to be said, as a Chatham House member, remaining impartial and objective in my commentary is expected – not that anything I write here can or should be attributed to any memberships or affiliations I may have anyway!

When the political parties of Ukraine generally provide voters a choice between a stick or a fork in the eye, any neutral blog such as this would struggle desperately to unconditionally promote any party when taking policy – or significant lack thereof – into consideration.  That is notwithstanding the shenanigans surrounding the internal workings of all the political parties, or the overriding self-interest of the vast majority of the party members – regardless of party.

$500?  My integrity is worth far, far more than that!

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