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Turning de facto into de jure? A Ukrainian Consulate in Transnistria

July 10, 2013

On 7th March I wrote about the on-going frozen conflict between Moldova and Transnistria, 5+2 diplomatic missions, together with Russian shenanigans (and motivations for such) with respect to opening a consular presence in the semi-autonomous region of Transnistria.

It now seems Ukraine wants to have a consular presence in Transnistria to service the 90,000 or more Ukrainians who live and work there under quasi-Transnistrian governance.

Whilst Transnistria certainly exists de facto, internationally it is not recognised as de jure – namely it is not officially recognised as an autonomous and sovereign state.

However, one wonders whether the opening of a Ukrainian Consulate in Transnistria – or if other nations do so –  will move the de facto to the de jure – or at least be viewed as a step toward de jure in certain, often belligerent quarters, with respect to Transnistrian sovereignty.

In short, will a Ukrainian Consulate in Transnistria ease, or further complicate, a settlement to this on-going frozen conflict – and in doing so, will it undermine Moldavian and enhance Transnistrian positions?

Perhaps possibly worst of all, if the issue becomes contentious between both sides, will it further entrench the existing positions making final resolution to the issue further out of reach?  A resolution that would certainly benefit Ukraine.

Much will depend upon the attitude of Moldova toward this proposition.

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