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Opposition leaders meet EU Ambassadors – but is it enough?

July 7, 2013

Today the leaders of Batkishchyna, UDAR and Svoboda met with the ambassadors of the EU nations in Kyiv – very good.

Ambassadors, as part of their function, not only relate the positions of their nations over various issues to those they engage with, but also relay (accurately one hopes) the positions of ones they interact with back to their nations.  Personal relations between diplomats and those they interact with are important.

But, given the position of the opposition, the EU trajectory they purport to support and the difficulties that remain unsolved prior to any signing of the AA and DCFTA in November – is that enough?

As the RADA is now in recess until 3rd September, and given the importance the opposition have given of the signing of these documents in Vilnius, should they not b physically and personally taking their cause to the European capitals directly, rather than via diplomatic channels?

Has Yatseniuk not just returned from a few days in the USA personally conveying the opposition message to Capitol Hill?

Between the three opposition leaders, can they not cover the bulk of the EU 28 member states with a personal visit to convey the opposition message in each capital during the RADA recess? – Again personally delivered messages carry more weight and build the all important diplomatic and political personal relationships that can make a difference.

That is not to take anything away from the meeting with the ambassadors of the EU member states today – I am simply asking if it is enough – especially so when considering the USA gets a personal visit from Yatseniuk, rather than a chat with US Ambassador Tefft in Kyiv.

A tour and lobbying of European capitals by the three opposition leaders during the next few months whilst the RADA is closed would seem very prudent indeed with the Vilnius Summit only 4 months away.

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