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PACE removes paragraph about Ukraine from resolution

June 30, 2013

Here is an interesting detail relating to the PACE resolution on “Keeping political and criminal responsibility separate”.

It appears that struck from this resolution was the following paragraph relating to Ukraine:

“Concerning Ukraine, the criminal cases brought against former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and former Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko have given rise to severe criticism from the international community.  The committee is deeply troubled by the manner in which the country’s criminal justice system has been abused in order to persecute political opponents. It considers that in both these cases, the principles of the separation of political and criminal responsibility have been violated.”

The paragraph was certainly included in Mr Omtzigt’s original draft as can been seen here on the very first page.

Yet here, in the final adopted text as backed by all 86 nations that voted, the paragraph has been consigned to the Council of Europe rubbish bin with all reference to Ukraine, Tymoshenko and Lutsenko completely expunged from the record.

And so one has to ponder why this paragraph was removed.

Was it the case that PACE wanted a generic, broad-brushed statement applicable to all and thus deliberately decided to omit mention of specific nations (such as Iceland and Ukraine)?

Is it that the votes were simply not there should that paragraph have been included and thus the lowest common denominator with regards text that could garner enough votes went forward?

Is it that some PACE council members do not see the cases of Tymoshenko and Lutsenko as purely political persecution but believe there were criminal/dubious aspects behind their decision making that rightly warranted the instigation of the cases against them?

Who was behind the diplomacy, and who gathered sufficient support for that paragraph to be stricken?

Is it perhaps that PACE does not want to rock the boat regarding the EU delegation to Ukraine and the possibility (real or supposed) that Tymoshenko may be sent into voluntary exile in Germany for medical treatment in a manner so timely it facilitates the signing of the AA and DCFTA between Ukraine and the EU in November?

It would be interesting to know the motivation(s) for dropping such a pointed and critical paragraph.

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