Svoboda leaders persona non grata in the USA?

June 27, 2013

Here is an interesting tale – which seems to leave readers in limbo as to any outcome.

It would appear the “Today” media outlet has reported that Oleh Tyahnybok, leader of the Svoboda Party and a Svoboda Deputy named Ihor Miroshnichenko have been made persona non grata by the USA.

This, it is claimed, is due to Hilary Clinton, stalwart supporter of Yulia Tymoshenko – to the point of pooh-poohing the lobbying of various Jewish organisations including the Wiesenthal Centre to make Tyahnybok and Miroshnichenko persona non grata in the USA. –  no longer being Secretary of State.

Tyahnybok and Miroshnichenko have been named by Jewish groups as some of the most antisemitic politicians on the planet apparently.

The new Secretary of State, Mr Kerry, it is claimed, is far more receptive to the Jewish lobbying to the point where the Wiesenthal Centre has stated that the issue relating to Tyahnybok and Miroshnichenko has been resolved “positively” with the USA.

The “Today” media outlet would not identify its sources when challenged by Svoboda – referring anybody seeking confirmation or denial to speak with the US State Department or the US Embassy Kyiv.

Svoboda completely refute the “Today” article, citing Svoboda attending a US Embassy meeting only last week – as if that makes any difference to persona non grata lists.

Let’s be quite clear – meetings in an Embassy have no inference good or bad when it comes to who any nation will allow into its country.

Svoboda are a party of relevance in so much as they are in parliament and make up a formally recognised part of a united effort amongst opposition parties.  Ergo not only would it be foolish not to have dialogue with Svoboda, it would also undermine the democracy that put Svoboda into parliament as well – but that does not mean that those involved in discussions and meetings that occur in a national embassy will also be welcome in that nation’s country.

International diplomacy, not to mention diplomatic cables back to a home country, need to be, above all else, as accurate as possible – and that means being as inclusive and as talkative as is possible with all relevant actors within any nation…..even if they are not palatable for the diplomats who have to meet them, or a domestic public back home wondering why they are given the time of day at all – even at the embassy.

The Wiesenthal Centre statement relating to the person non grata lobbying over Tyahnybok and Miroshnichenko having a “positive” outcome cannot be understood as both men being classed as persona non grata by the US either.

In light of both Klitschko and Yatseniuk – the other opposition party leaders – having both been in the USA this year, it may be that behind closed doors Messrs Tyahnybok and Miroshnichenko have been advised that any application to visit the USA would be viewed in a very poor light and thus it is better not to apply – whilst the US need not go to the lengths of putting them on a persona non grata list, they save a public humiliation and, needless to say, the Jewish lobby get a “positive” resolution.

If the “Today” article was accurate, or if my meandering within the “diplomatic grey” is close to the mark – one does wonder how the USA would deal with a victorious opposition coalition that includes Svoboda.  The EU has already made clear their distaste for the party in numerous pointed public statements to the point where in opposition or in majority Svoboda would not be welcome – not to mention what appear to be obvious snubs of late.

Perhaps the only way the truth of this would be discovered is when either Svoboda Party men want to visit the USA – however, all things being equal, I would put my money of the Jewish lobby insuring their “positive” outcome.

One comment

  1. Svoboda (Freedom) Party in Ukraine is not a right-wing extremist neo-Nazi anti-Semitic party. It advances the interests of true Ukrainian sovereignty and opposes Russia’s domination of Ukraine and Russification of Ukraine (linguistically, religiously and culturally). Svoboda Party supports the legitimate interests of ethnic minorities in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine on the basis that ethnic minorities support Ukraine’s sovereignty and act in its interests.

    Keep in mind that historically Jews as an ethnic minority in Ukraine predominantly supported foreign rule in Ukraine, not Ukraine’s independence (sovereignty). Jews predominantly served the interests of foreign occupiers and oppressors of the Ukrainian nation (Russians and Poles) and did not support the Ukrainian Liberation Movement.

    Now Jews in Ukraine promote Russian domination in Ukraine more than Ukraine’s sovereignty judging by the actions of Jewish oligarchs and politicians in Ukraine.
    It’s wrong to call valid truthful criticism of Jews anti-Semitism.

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