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Extremist Ukrainian Bratsvo Party to train Russian activists

June 17, 2013

Well here is an interesting article that states the extremist Ukrainian Bratsvo Party will train Russian activists in Ukraine this summer.

The Bratsvo Party agenda being the break up of the Russian Federation by organising the peripheral and anti-Moscow States and youth with training camps focusing upon civil disobedience, battling law enforcement, agitation and propaganda – not to mention “the theoretical foundations of Russian autonomy” and the “theology of the Russian Autonomous Church”.

Blimey – I wonder how many disenfranchised Russians will turn up!

It’s probably better I not hold my breath to see any effective results from the Bratsvo Party plan, and am wiser waiting for Putinism without Putin – a time that will eventually arrive – to watch the Russian Federation possibly fray at the periphery.

Still, always interesting to keep an eye on what the ultra far right nationalists are doing.

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