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EU and Moldova complete AA and DCFTA negotiations

June 14, 2013

It appears that Moldova and the EU have managed to complete negotiations for an Association Agreement and DCFTA similar to that of Ukraine.

One wonders whether the initialing of this document will take place at the EaP Vilnius Summit simply so the EU can come away claiming to have had some form of success in November should Ukrainian-EU documents fail to be signed thus preventing them going forth into years of ratification wilderness.

The question is, however, can any initialing wait given the permanently precarious nature of Moldavian governments?  Is it simply better for the EU to get these negotiations officially sealed with a rapidly convened top level meeting – and concern itself with salvaging something else media worthy from the Vilnius summit?

Nevertheless, good news that the negotiations are now complete as it puts a little more indirect pressure on Ukraine.  It simply wouldn’t do to be the second rather than first EaP nation to formally sign such agreements – particularly to a nation that is the receiving end of a great many Ukrainian jokes.  National pride and egos simply wouldn’t suffer it!

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