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The “Grand Unification Congress” – 15th June

June 13, 2013

Well, Saturday brings with it the “Grand Unification Congress” of the United Opposition.

In short, the Batkivshchyna Party will formally assimilate Yatseniuk’s Front for Change Party and Sobolev’s Reforms and Order Party, which in the broader political arena will actually change very little – in fact nothing when it comes to how votes are cast in the RADA or prevent failing internal discipline continuing to fail.

However, there is a very serious chance that all those MPs opposed to this merger may well be expelled from their parties.

If it is the case – as is quite likely according to those I know within Batkivshchyna – then the party stands to lose the likes of Mykola Tomenko, a long term Batkivshchyna MP, accomplished and experienced politician who would have been an solid and reliable party leader (certainly better than Yatseniuk) as he is against the merger that will undoubtedly occur on Saturday.

And Tomenko is not alone – there are others such as Odarchenko who are openly against the merger.

As there is a seemingly constant line of opposition MPs leaving the “United Opposition” – recently hardly a week has gone by without 2 or 3 leaving, can Batkivshchyna afford to expel MPs who oppose the merger – let alone some of their cleverest and most experienced heavyweights such as Tomenko?

It’s not that I agree with everything Tomenko has ever said or done – I don’t – but he is certainly one of the most gifted MPs in the entire RADA, irrespective of party lines, and head and shoulders above almost anybody else within the Batkivshchyna Party.

Does his opposition to the certain merger warrant his (and others) expulsion as is seriously being considered?  One hopes not!

Perhaps somebody should slip a note under the door of the Batkivshchyna leadership doors before Saturday outlining that to be a democratic party as they claim, the internal working of the party must also – and necessarily – be democratic.    That in turn means internal dissenters and the ability to oppose internal policy without arbitrary expulsion just because they disagree with a particular policy.

I hope that come Sunday, Tomenko and all others opposed to the merger are still members of Batkivshchyna – unless they resign voluntarily and as a point of principle.  Quite simply Batkivshchyna cannot afford to keep losing MPs – particularly of Tomenko’s calibre.

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