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President of Ukraine meets with FBI Director – Why?

June 6, 2013

Regular readers will by now be aware of my highlighting occurrences that to me appear either unusual or failing to get the media attention they deserve.

Yesterday, President Yanukovych met with FBI Director Robert Mueller in Kyiv – which strikes me as odd.

What is the Director of the FBI doing in Ukraine?

Why is the President of Ukraine meeting with an American domestic security official?  No offence meant to Mr Mueller, but he is nothing more than an American civil servant, albeit one in charge of probably the most powerful domestic American state institutions.

I would have raised an eyebrow had President Yanukovych met with the Director of the CIA, but at least the CIA is charged with external, rather than internal US security affairs – Even so, director of the CIA or FBI makes little difference – both are still nothing more than a high level civil servant and not a politician or national leader of equal standing on the world stage.

In short, peer to peer meetings I can understand, although some would still question why the Director of the FBI is in Ukraine rather than somebody further down the FBI food chain – but meeting with the President begs the questions “Why?”  both for Mr Mueller’s presence here, meeting the President, and that it is made public rather than kept private.

Yes, yes, I know, Boston bombings, OSCE presidency, war on terror etc., – but that is boiler room staff work, signed off by security agency hierarchy – not FBI Directors and national presidents.

Are we to expect some sort of announcement in the days, weeks and months ahead that is the result of this meeting?

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