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Wanted – Proposals to support Ukrainian regional development policy – Who knew?

June 5, 2013

Sometimes it is possible to simply drown in the amount of information on the Internet.  Indeed, sorting the wheat from the chaff can be very time consuming – to the point that by the time such information has been separated, it has become irrelevant due to the continued as the torrent of information.

It is why I generally stay away from headline news relating to Ukraine.  There is enough slipshod reporting of headline events here that it generally serves no purpose to add to such a cacophony.  Such a policy leads me to look at issues that maybe should get greater coverage than they get for one reason or another – and I am often left asking “who knew?” when what I do find can only be written about reactively rather than proactively.

Today is no exception when it comes to finding important issues buried under the weight of irrelevant media coverage.

I find myself at this appeal having read something from the KfW (German Investment Bank) relating to Euro 17.1 million it has spent in rural Ukraine, that led me to the above link.

It is a call for proposals and conceptual notes relating to the development of rural Ukraine funded by Euro 31 million of EU money.  Proposals and conceptual notes to be submitted by 1st July 2013 – not very far away at all.

But I am left asking myself once again – “Who knew?”

I have found nothing on any Ukrainian news websites or major government website.  Nothing on the Odessa, Lviv, Nikoliev or Yalta city websites either (a straw pole granted).

As far as I can tell, the only people “who knew” are those within investment banking, governments, the EU departments associated with the project, and 2954 people on Facebook who “liked” it – of which I am now one.

Surely some of the better proposals and concepts will come from the rural communities themselves that such development programmes seek to assist?  If not the best concepts, then certainly for the sake of inclusiveness, accountability, transparency and local goodwill, any self-generated concepts are worthy of examination even if ultimately dismissed in favour of better concepts proposed by others – but that local society input cannot happen if rural communities don’t know about the appeal for such proposals.

Why is there no EU drive to better advertise such programmes in the local press of the regions in Ukraine?  Why no central or local government highlighting?  To reach the people of Ukraine, it is surely better to engage them directly – or at least instigate the option of direct dialogue over issues that have a direct and relevant impact on their lives by actively reaching out via traditional media.

How much do 28 regional “box ads” in the local newspapers cost the EU when attempting not only to reach out directly to the Ukrainian public who do not all have access to the Internet, but also get their ideas and input relating to how best to develop their communities?


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