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Ukrainian EU perceptions

May 6, 2013

Nicely timed for my return to the blog after a week off, Eurobarometer has just released some survey results relating to the extent to which Ukrainians would like further EU involvement in Ukrainian affairs.

76% would like greater EU involvement in economic development.

69% would like greater trade with the EU.

64% would like greater EU involvement in human rights within Ukraine.

60% would like greater EU involvement in democracy in Ukraine.

Seemingly 53% of Ukrainians trust the EU more than NATO or the UN when it comes to external entities, and far more than the current Ukrainian government which has a 23% favourable rating, or the parliament and Ukrainian political parties with an 18% favourable rating each.

The full survey results can be found here – with my usual caveats relating to surveys and opinion polls naturally applying as they always do.

Nevertheless, caveats considered, some interesting indicators are apparent in this snap-shot of public opinion to ponder over during the next few days.


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