Fast tracked? ECfHR ruling on Tymoshenko

April 25, 2013

A very short thought for the day as I have just had an operation on my right eye and currently can only see with one – which changes my perspective quite literally, notwithstanding any desire to write something lengthy.

Nevertheless, to ponder today as I did on the operating table, as certain leaders within the EU are still insisting that Ms Tymoshenko be released before any signing of the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine – and with Ukraine having stated many times publicly it will honor any ECfHR ruling – one has to ask why the alleged fast-tracking of her case and any  subsequent ruling seems to be anything but fast?

This is surely the biggest possible almost politically neutral lever to expedite her release given Ukraine’s public statements that it will comply.

It must be terribly slow for those standard pending cases at the ECfHR if her case is an example of being “fast-tracked”!

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