Another vote of “No Confidence”? What did Einstein state about insanity?

April 22, 2013

Following the United Opposition’s 0/4 disastrous failure in the RADA last week relating to their demanded resolutions, due to selecting battles they simply could not win – with one possible exception in which they conspired amongst themselves to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory – we could possibly expect a change of tactics, if not rhetoric?

Alas it seems not.

Following the comprehensive failure in the vote of “No Confidence” – managing to get only 190 votes of the 226 needed to be successful – Arseney Yatseniuk, leader of the Batkivshchyna Party immediately stated “We plan to submit an issue of non-confidence to the government again.”

face palm

Where are those additional 36 votes required to win a “No Confidence” vote going to come from?

Is Albert Einstein not attributed to the quote “Insanity:  doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results?

There is perhaps a slim chance of a successful vote of “No Confidence” should the EU Association Agreement not get signed at the Vilnius Summit in November – but it would be just that – a slim chance.

In all probability, regardless of a successful or otherwise Vilnius Summit, and despite the United Opposition rhetoric, the next presidential elections will not happen before 2015.  If Yanukovych was then unseated, that is then the best opportunity currently foreseeable, where there could well be a realistic chance of winning a “No Confidence” vote in the government.

Spending the next 2 years wandering around the country inferring “Yes we were bad when we were in power, but these people are worse – so return us to power (early)”, is not the best use of the time available to you and does nothing to make the United Opposition a more credible governance alternative.

Note to the United Opposition leadership – If I have any bias in Ukrainian politics, however slight it may be, it is towards the opposition.  It remains slight because you are engaging in ineffective populist political showboating and hollow grandstanding that will lead to public failures time and time again, when what you need to do is formulate alternative political, economic and social policies communicated consistently prior to the presidential elections in 2015.

Policies that clearly inform me not how you will be a  different set of faces governing the country, but how you will be better than the current president and current majority at governing the country.  I want to know what policies I can expect you to attempt to fulfill, how and how much it will cost if you are successful.

That needs to start now!

Am I doomed to have my “face palm” set in stone like the poor chap above due to your seemingly purposeful strategy of wanting to appear completely feckless and credibility-less – or are you actually going to throw me a small raft of qualitative policy that can be effectively implemented, to I can cling to in order to salvage some hope?

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