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The Rome Statute – Again

April 17, 2013

Not that long ago I wrote about the Rome Statute and the fact that Ukraine, whilst a signatory, was not a ratified signatory due to a 2001 Constitutional Court ruling.  My entry is also here in Russian.

In fact my ruminations made it to publication on the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC) website also – Blimey!

I have since mentioned the Rome Statute in an entry relating to the Constitutional Assembly and their first submissions to the Venice Commission – pondering the probabilities that any such amendments may facilitate the eventual ratification of the Rome Statute by Ukraine.

What I have not mentioned since my very first entry on the subject is the CICC NGO itself – despite telephone conversations and emails between Kristen Meersschaert Duchens, the Regional Coordinator for Europe, and myself.

Naturally the CICC has not sat idly in The Hague whilst I have failed to mention them since.

That said, I have deliberately not mentioned them in order to keep their “powder dry” for a long planned campaign to influence Ukraine which starts now – beginning with the expected letter to the head of state and press releases etc.  All of this is likely to culminate in personal lobbying by CICC people at very lofty Ukrainian political heights within the next 8 weeks or so, which hopefully will coincide with the return of the Venice Commission’s words of wisdom in relation to the first proposed constitutional changes by the Ukrainian Constitutional Assembly.

So, whilst this is likely to be a rather slow battle for ratification, largely due to the constitutional ruling of 2001 and the need for constitutional amendments that may or may not be within the Constitutional Assembly’s recommendations currently under the wise noses of those within the Venice Commission, it is a battle that can eventually be won – particularly if Ukrainian good will regarding pro-EU normative legislative momentum can continue after the Vilnius Summit (regardless of its signing or not), and not be slowed by the external forces of European Parliament elections or Ukrainian elections over the next 2 years.

Now Ukraine has been targeted, every thing depends on momentum, even if that momentum ends up seemingly glacial – for glacial is far better than stationary!

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