Tymoshenko loses court case – in New York

March 30, 2013

What seems long ago, back in July 2011 in fact, I wrote about Ms Tymosehnko launching legal proceedings against – well anybody involved in her then on-going court case and also anything that could be directly attributed to Dmitry Firtash or his business dealings.  That list has continued to grow, with new names being added to the action every time Ms Tymoshenko felt suitably offended by somebody.

This is the court class action complaint – Number 11 CIV 2794, United States District Court, Southern District of New York.

Back in July 2011, I wrote here – “You have to say the law suit she submitted reads as though it was written by somebody not overly conversant with the fact that every word must be chosen carefully in any litigation process,……. 

………Suffice to say it reads as though it was written by somebody with at best, only a passing interest in law. I have seen far more accomplished legal writing in standard contracts to be honest.”

Well, yesterday, a large part of the class action complaint 11 CIV 2794 was kicked out by the US judge stating there was insufficient evidence.  Having reread the above link, it is hardly surprising given just how terribly written the above class action is.  (In fact having read it again, I was extremely diplomatic in the above quote).

Given Ms Tymoshenko’s liking for suing in US courts – and looking at the standard of the class action prepared and filed that will subsequently get kicked out in its entirety I strongly suspect – perhaps she should consider suing the lawyers that allowed such a poorly written class action to enter a courtroom in the first place?

Anyway, I stated such a course of action was folly at the time – and thus it is proving to be so.

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