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Authoritarian, dictatorial, disciplinarian, democratic or “managed” democracy?

March 26, 2013

How would you interpret the following – Authoritarian, dictatorial, disciplinarian, democratic, a form of managed democracy, or something else?

“No one is banned from proposing their candidacy for the mayor.  We are a democratic organization, a democratic party and the united opposition is building its policy on democratic foundations.  Any MP, and not only MPs, but members of the party can be nominated.

 But as soon as the united opposition passes a decision to nominate a single candidate, those who oppose this decision will in fact oppose the opposition and help the ruling party.

Therefore there should be a single candidate.  Anyone who disagrees with this, all those who play along with the authorities, will certainly be expelled from the faction and the party.  Everyone has an opportunity to offer their candidacy and be nominated, but after the decision is made, we should strictly follow it.  This is the principle for our victory.”

Those are the words of Olexandr Turchynov MP, one of the most senior members of the Batkivshchanya Party.

If you genuinely believe in the party but continue to disagree with a party nomination after it is made – does it truly warrant being expelled – particularly so when the party nomination may be for somebody external of your party, as is the case with these tactics of the “United Opposition”?

Should Batkivshchyan MPs be expected (under threat of expulsion) to unconditionally support the nomination of  UDAR’s Klitschko or Svoboda’s Tyahnybok, when these parties and these leaders chose quite deliberately not to assimilate with Batkivshchyna, but retain their own identities and ideologies?

What about society?

Should the voters not have the right to vote for a candidate from the same party they supported and propelled into the RADA, for the position of Kyiv Mayor?  Is it really democracy when voters are denied the opportunity to vote for a candidate from the party they support?

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