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Vote of “No Confidence” in Ukrainian Government next week and questions of nationality

March 24, 2013

It was bound to come sooner or later – and whether it is better sooner rather than later, who knows?

The opposition parties have officially submitted a resolution of “no confidence” in the current Prime Minister and the Cabinet of Ministers to be considered next week with Arseny Yatseniuk generously guaranteeing their pension rights :  “You must resign. And I have good news for you. Don’t be upset! If we dismiss you, we will assign you with minimum wages of UAH 1,147 and minimum pensions of UAH 894 – indulge in every pleasure!”

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to have any confidence in the “no confidence” resolution actually gaining enough votes to be anything more than a political statement wasting RADA time.

Possibly worse, should this vote of “no confidence” fail – which seems likely – how will the public psyche be affected when it comes to confidence in Yatseniuk and the opposition?  To continually indulge in political grandstanding or showboating with few, if any results, eventually will erode further public confidence in the ability of the opposition.

Further, Svoboda submitted a request to the speaker demanding to know which nationalities the RADA members hold.  The Ukrainian Constitution forbids dual nationality.

This is obviously aimed at those RADA MPs who may hold dual nationality and undoubtedly targeted at the Party of Regions – but – I personally know two Batkivshchyna Party RADA MPs who currently hold both Ukrainian and Israeli passports and one UDAR deputy as well.  The rule of averages suggests that there will be others within the opposition parties too.

Whilst I completely agree with Svoboda that Ukrainian MPs should hold no other nationality than that of Ukrainian – it is a matter of principle more than one of national security – the results of this request may undermine as many opposition MPs as it does Party of Regions.

That said, if the request results in those holding a foreign passport as well as a Ukrainian passport relinquishing their foreign passport before any further action is pursued in the RADA – then it is a job well done.

Anyway – confidence in the vote of “no confidence” succeeding?  No, not really.

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