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Nuclear stress tests – Ukraine National Action Plan

March 18, 2013

It seems a long time ago since I wrote about Ukraine, Ensreg and the IAEA following the Fukushima disaster.  Indeed it was back in May and June 2011.

In the entry of 27th May 2011, I raised an eyebrow over the proposed “stress tests” that were to be performed on the Ukrainian nuclear facilities.

In accordance with the Ensreg proposals, herewith is the Ukrainian National Action Plan.

On Friday I received an email from Ensreg informing me that the feedback period had been extended until 20th March – 2 days hence from this entry – should there be any comment or poignant questions.

Thanks for that timely period to give careful consideration to the National Plan – I suppose I should be grateful I was given 72 5 days to read it and offer up some queries that may or may not get past on, or thrown into a pot of similar (but possibly not the same) questions !

The Ensreg email stated “Please note that ENSREG will not reply to the individual questions, but relevant questions will be grouped and used as an input to prepare for the Peer Review Workshop which will take place from 22-26 April 2013. The Peer Review Workshop report will be published after adoption by ENSREG, and later it will also be presented at the next ENSREG Conference, scheduled on 11-12 June 2013.”

Thus, once again I will refer you to my entry of 27th May 2011 – please reread it and then refer the aforementioned paragraph from the email Ensreg sent to me late on 15th March.

Due you think my eyebrow is still raised dear readers?

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