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Absolutely nothing to do with Ukraine – A day off in search of Bowie!

March 11, 2013

Right!  Some things and some occurrences are momentarily more important than the big and complex issues of the day, or the lunatics that run the Ukrainian asylum.

Tickets to the Last night of the Proms, a front row seat to see Dame Shirley Bassey belting out songs just as forcefully as she did more than 50 years ago, the chance to jam with Clapton or BB King, a seat in the audience for an unplugged Alison Moyet – these are all things that would stop this blog being written for a day or two whilst I indulged myself.

Today is such a day.  Today is the release of the first David Bowie album in 10 years.  I am a collector of Bowie.  I am a fan.

If you people think I am sitting here writing instead of finding Bowie’s new album and listening to it at least four times today – you are dreaming!

Today, I am in search of – and will find – “The Next Day” by Mr Bowie.

I suggest you entertain yourselves for a while!

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