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“Uprising against the regime” – What was it I wrote about being convincing?

March 10, 2013

Only 2 days ago I wrote that it was not enough to be right or decent – but that you have to be convincing.

One way to be convincing is to earn a history of getting things right.  Another is to cleverly use words to insure that you are always right, or certainly not wrong, no matter what happens.  It is for this skill that word-smiths are paid to write clever statements and speeches of course.

There are other ways be they righteous or less so, but one sure way to leave people less than convinced is not living up to their expectations.

Those expectations, are almost always built upon the words used, promises and claims made.  Thus Arseny Yatseniuk and  Batkivshchkyna already at a disadvantage compared to UDAR and Svoboda – as the latter two parties nor their leaders (both new to the RADA) have yet to have the opportunity to so spectacularly disenchant a nation as Yatseniuk and  Batkivshchkyna have – and did – and it seems continue to do.

It appears we are going to have “a popular uprising against the regime” – in fact more than one – and in the near future – next week to be precise, according to Arseny Yatseniuk.

How exciting (and quite possibly necessary)!

But that popular uprising will only happen in certain parts of the country according to Mr Yatseniuk –  one suspects the parts where Svoboda and UDAR are strongest or  close enough to those areas where their supporters can be bussed in to make a large enough crowd to be worthy of any TV coverage  –  naturally.

Thus all the revolutionaries looking for a cause, don’t go rushing to brush off those Che Guevara berets or don V for Vendetta masks.  “Uprising against the regime”, translated from unconvincing Yatseniuk speak, means a rally where he hopes lots of people will turn up.  And “lots” recently for a Yatseniuk/ Batkivshchkyna rally is anything between 500 and 3000 people.

One has to suspect that Batkivshchkyna Party supporters now form the minority of any physical turnout at any multi-party opposition political rally, and that both Svoboda and UDAR separately, let alone combined, can now turn out far more support and for much longer periods, than Batkivshchkyna can pay students and OAPs to turn up and wave the party flag for the TV – (as is the  Batkivshchkyna and Party Regions traditional style of rent-a-crowd).

In fact if Arseny Yatseniuk or the Batkivshchkyna Party believe that Svoboda supporters turn out for anybody other than Oleh Tihanybok, or UDAR supporters for anybody other than Klitschko, they are deluded – seriously deluded!

Anyway – Mr Yatseniuk’s “uprising(s)”…. – no I am sorry, but to remain convincing and credible I will need to call it a rally/number of rallies – will aim to unite the opposition supporters behind, and entice the media with, the slogan “‘Nobody will ever overcome us. We are strong and we are heading for victory.”

Catchy, inspiring, memorable and convincing eh?  – Yes, quite – it’s awful!  Even the slogan isn’t convincing as a slogan – despite what it says is probably quite true…..eventually – There are better, more memorable and more sincere slogans in “Me to You” birthday cards.

I mean come on!  Historically I have been a Yatseniuk supporter in this blog – but he fails to convince me each day, despite his political experience at the highest level compared to the other two opposition leaders – who have no political experience at the highest level but are far more convincing as leaders.

So these uprisings rallies are apparently about going back to grass roots to get the people’s support for political and economic victory, according to Mr Yatseniuk.  Quite right – However “uprisings” within your politically friendly strongholds are not exactly going to gain any new support or change anything either.

So the question to be answered next week with regards to further building or further undermining Mr Yatseniuk’s credibility, will be whether there is indeed “a public uprising”, or even a rally with say 10,000 people present between the 3 parties.

To continue to use rhetoric that will falsely raise expectations, such as “uprising against the regime“, which in fact will be no more than a rally in all probability, will simply continue to make him less convincing if the numbers of people don’t turn up – especially so if most of the people who do turn up are supporting other leaders from other parties.

It is just fortunate that some alternative opposition parties made it into the RADA to provide an alternatives to both voters but also make up the numbers when rallies are held.

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