It’s not enough to be decent and right – You have to be convincing

March 8, 2013

Yet another opinion poll places  President Yanukovych in a second round run-off against Vitali Klitschko – with a big distance between other potential candidates for the 2015 presidential elections – such as Arseny Yatseniuk or anybody else directly associated with Ms Tymoshenko’s party for that matter.

For once I have little doubt in these results – and they are consistent and a continuation of previous and consecutive opinion polls by various polling companies over recent months.

Yet the question has to be asked why Yatseniuk, leading the biggest opposition party by far, does not get the same proportion of voter based support from the public carried over into the far more personal realm of presidential candidacy support.

The answer is quite simple.  It is simply not enough to be either decent and/or right – you have to be convincing – particularly when going up against an incumbent.

Yatseniuk  is simply not convincing – not even enough for sufficient numbers of the Batkivshchyna Party voters, which he leads, to want him as president – which then raises the question as to whether he is the right person to lead the party when the presidential elections get much closer.

If he is not, how close to the election do you have the internal strife of replacing him and leaving any new leader with a realistic chance?

Or will Batkivshchkyna stubbornly back a three-legged horse in this race – one that is simply going to get easily knocked out of the presidential race in the first round, as current opinion polls would suggest?

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