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From the NATO website…..

February 25, 2013

As all eyes focus on the EU/Ukraine summit in Brussels today, quite unsurprisingly issues such as the NATO/Ukrainian meeting last Friday have been widely ignored.

That said, what appears on the NATO website really doesn’t inspire much coverage.

No mention of the exceptionally unrealistic time line to turn the Ukrainian army from a conscription based to a contract based entity – the last conscription draft due to be September 2013, or the fact that in doing so, the army will be reduced by 50% very swiftly and yet still armed with nothing more than a blunt and rusty knife, fork and spoon for the majority of servicemen and women.

No mention that there is an imperative for a massively reduced Ukrainian military to therefore concentrate on precision equipment – and thus by extension, a necessary imperative for the Ukrainian arms producers to concentrate on developing and producing precision equipment.

No mention of the financial implications of such massive personnel reductions when NATO funds a scheme for the retraining of Ukrainian ex-service personnel.

No mention of the Russians now upgrading the weaponry of the Black Sea Fleet – not that such a Cold War hangover has much effect on the regional balance of power or any significant implications for NATO or Ukraine.  Turkey remains the Black Sea naval presence of note.

Of the usually bland announcements to be found on the NATO website – this is no exception.

The only thing of any interest is a fund to neutralise the legacy of ex-Soviet radioactive sites – which pales in significants to the highly toxic environmental and ecological legacy of ex-Soviet industry still to be dealt with.

Meanwhile, back to paying attention to the EU/Ukraine summit which will neither flatter nor deceive – or produce anything other than the realisation of low to zero expectations by way of concrete action – but it will produce more of the same rhetoric despite the ticking clock!

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