Euro Basketball 2015 – The continuation of an Odessa sporting makeover?

February 24, 2013

As many will recall, Ukraine held the Euro 2012 football championships – Odessa was not a host city – but it built a new football stadium anyway – and very good it is – albeit the biggest names to play there thus far have been bands such as Linkin Park and Garbage.

Less well known is that Ukraine is to host the EuroBasket 2015, European Basketball Championships.  Neither Ukraine nor Odessa have particularly shabby basketball teams.  Championship winners they may not be, but bottom of the league they are not either.

Anyway, it appears that Odessa will have two brand new multi-functional stadiums and an extensive refurbishment of the existing Sports Palace on Prospect Shevchenko (opposite Victory Park) in order to host part of the EuroBasket 2015 competition.  The construction of, and refurbishment of these premises will cost UAH 42 million (about $5 million) and will be carried out by Ihor Kolomoisky’s business group.  Ergo, we had better hope that parts of his empire like Privat Bank survive, whilst other parts, such as AeroSvit go bankrupt (deliberately or otherwise).

The new stadium will be built on the grounds of what is currently known as October Revolution Plant and will have seating for 10,000 or more people.  The plan is that is will also be able to host hockey, 5/7-a-side indoor football etc after the EuroBasket competition is over.

On the outskirts of Odessa, it is planned to build a multi-purpose training facility.  Location as yet unknown/identified apparently – very much like the UAH 42 million to pay Mr Kolomoisky for his efforts – as the source of this funding is also currently unknown.

Nevertheless, it appears that Odessa will soon have not only the new and very good Chernomoretz football stadium, but also one extensively refurbished, and one new multi-purpose indoor arena, together with a multi-purpose training facility.

Ignoring all the possible shenanigans and probably nefarious mechanics behind the who, where and how of this project, I have one hope – the design and facilities will be conducive to disabled access and sporting participation long after the EuroBasket 2015 circus has left.

Too much to hope for?

One comment

  1. It is not too much to hope for. What worries me is that like most ramps I have seen here in Ukraine they are not conducive to someone using their wheelchair under their own power due to the variable steep grades that make the ramps all but useless. Heres to hoping the grades are between 1:14 and the gentle 1:16 but not more than 1:20 … both indoors and outdoors. Do not go less than 1:14, ever, if you intend a person to use the ramp under their own or electric power. 1:12 will require someone to push them.

    Rise(slope) times Length(height from ground to exit) = NNN divided by 12 = length of ramp (in feet), that is the only conversion I know. Or convert to metrics to get length in meters etc. So 36 inches from ground to top with a 1:16 slope is 16 x 36 = 576 divide by 12(inches) = 48 foot ramp that can actually be used as a switch back also at 1:20. Simple.

    So now if any or your readers are in the construction business they now have the simple equation that has been used in the U.S., Canada and Europe for years … do your Babushka a favor and use this.

    Next step is to use OPC or Ordinary Portland Cement .. you know the kind that doesn’t deteriorate under use in less than 6 months, like most poorly made concrete here, that is almost always hidden under thinly made INDOOR tile sets that are too slippery and usually break once it gets a little use. Funny how the Soviets managed to make good concrete “back in the day”, it appears to have become a “lost art”. See below.

    This address four of my main complaints about Ukraine construction: ( call this a rant )

    1) BAD roads due to poor techniques and materials
    2) BAD concrete due to poor techniques and materials
    2b) for the love of God stop with the damn indoor tiles.
    3) No one takes responsibility for the crappy work for #1 and 2, 2b.
    4) Does anyone in this country have any interest in asking other construction professionals around the world for better techniques and materials or are you just content in reinventing the wheel over and over and over and over? Because that does not seem to be working to well for you. AND … Do you honestly think that this is the only country in the world where it snows?

    Humm … time for coffee

    Thank you

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