Just in time for the weekend – RADA back at work

February 23, 2013

Well, just in time for the EU-Ukraine summit on 25th February, and possibly more importantly for those UDAR MPs who have spent two weeks living in the RADA 24/7 to prevent its working (over a valid point of principle I hasten to add), the RADA began working normally yesterday – in time for weekend – and a few more days off.

It did manage to issue a multi-party pro-EU Association Agreement statement backed by all parties less the Communist Party.  The vote count 315 in favour, 24 against.

Jolly good – but political statements are two a penny in most nations, let alone Ukraine – and all too often empty of anything other than rhetoric.

What remains to be seen is whether the Party of Regions and the opposition parties can actually work together on the areas they agree to progress matters towards moving legislative changes that meet EU the normative – or not.

All too often both allow the areas where they disagree to prevent any progress on the matters where they do – insuring nothing gets done, when in fact, much could be achieved – to the obvious detriment to the people of Ukraine.

It would appear the Communists are not likely to help their coalition partners within the PoR get pro-EU legislative changes through the RADA if the voting on the pro-EU statement is any guideline.  Thus without some of the opposition voting with the PoR to achieve legislative changes and therefore legal parity with the EU, it would appear numerically impossible.

Are both sides mature enough to progress the issues where they agree and fight only over those they don’t?  Probably not, but we will see.

On a completely different subject, to answer a sharp-eyed reader, yes that is me at the bottom of this page on somebody else’s website.  It does happen every so often – Now move along, there is nothing further to see!

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