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Lviv 5+2 meeting – Frozen conflict progress?

February 11, 2013

Well – I’ve just had a fairly interesting lunch with a very interesting group of people.

As is fairly well known, on 18th and 19th February the next 5 + 2 (Moldova, Transnistria, Ukraine, Russia, OSCE, EU and USA) members will sit down again and try to gain some moment towards a resolution of the current frozen conflict that has existed since 1992 between Moldova and Transnistria.

Thus far it has been a very long and arduous road that has been traveled with precious few results.

With Ukraine currently holding the chairmanship of OSCE and being a guarantor in the 5 + 2 process, much stands to be gained for Ukraine on the international stage should there be tangible progress – and to be honest any tangible progress given the severe lack of results since 1992, will be worthy of note.

So what are the chances of anything worthy of note happening now?

Well, somewhat to my surprise, it appears that there is likely to be agreement to open the Guru Bicului bridge between the two regions, as well as direct and hopefully frequent inter-parliamentary dialogue between the regional political assemblies – which hopefully will be no bad thing as both will allow for confidence and trust building between both populations by way of free movement, and between authorities of both sides, respective of each action mentioned above.

It also appears that both the Prime Minister of Moldova and the leader of Transnistria have agreed to have a joint meeting on the margins of the summit, instigated by Ukraine, with the OSCE representative for conflicts.

These were not the only noteworthy issues we discussed, but they are the only ones I am prepared to write about – for now – as these are probably the least sensitive and most overtly easy to note for on-lookers from the public domain as/when/if they become a reality.

If they do become reality, considering we are only 2 months into the Ukrainian 2013 OSCE chairmanship,  it represents a very good start indeed.

Let’s hope for positive action, and not just media spin, emerging from Lviv next week – assuming the Moldavian government can hold together that long!

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