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Fule in Ukraine

February 7, 2013

Well, Stefan Fule is in Ukraine today and part of tomorrow (7-8th February).

I haven’t found his itinerary for 8th February so maybe he’s leaving early or having a day shopping on Khreshchatyk – but his itinerary for 7th February (today) is here.

There has been reports in the Ukrainian media he was to address the RADA MPs, but the link above contains an agenda that has been published for quite some time and has never mentioned it – and to be fair, with the opposition parties blocking the RADA from working to the point that UDAR MPs are sleeping in the RADA chamber itself – it is probably a good thing it isn’t on his agenda despite the media claims to the contrary.

Just in case you are wondering, or are indeed unaware, the opposition is currently blocking the work of the RADA until either agreement is reached on personal voting by MPs on any vote (rather than the common practice of electronically voting for your colleagues if they can’t be bothered to turn up to vote – something that is not the exclusive domain of any political party historically), or one has to presume, they get bored.

A point of principle in an otherwise unprincipled cesspit – and therefore despite such action delaying many potential laws, some of which the opposition will support or have indeed sponsored, everything for now, and the foreseeable future, has stopped.

I must admit though, the image of Stefan Fule addressing the RADA, with many in a rather unkempt state and in sleeping bags, does rather entertain me – even if it has never been on his agenda.

Naturally we can expect the usual statements over Ukraine’s failure to pass the necessary laws to complete Stage 1 of the Visa-free road map and move to Stage 2, the consideration of a new Prosecutor’s Code as required by the Council of Europe, amendments to the electoral code and numerous other laws and amendments that have to go through the RADA – which is currently blocked.

The reiteration of the EU position relating to the signing of the Association Agreement and DCFTA is of course a certainty.

In fact a day of stating the obvious.

What does seem rather surprising is the fact that the opposition contact with him appears limited to a meeting of all the heads of the parliamentary factions.  Whether those meetings are individual or combined is unclear.  Maybe more meaningful liaisons are being left the the EU monitoring mission of Messrs Cox and Kwasniewski – who knows?

One wonders if any mention of the detention of former Tajik Prime Minster Abdullajanov yesterday in Kyiv will be raised.  After 16 years on the international wanted list, most of those years living in the USA without the international warrant being executed there, one wonders why Abdullajanov was in Kyiv and why Ukraine executed it.

Will the IMF and gas issues with Russia also be raised or will the agenda remain strictly EU orientated towards the AA and DCFTA?  After all, at the end of this month is the next EU/Ukraine summit and the last prior to the anticipated signing of the AA and DCFTA in Vilnius in November.  A date bureaucrats and diplomats from both sides have penciled in for that event.

What about the 5+2 talks in Lviv soon?  Or the Ukrainian OSCE agenda?

Oh to be a fly on the wall and listen to what will not be reported in the press conferences and media.

Tomorrow – unless something quite unexpected comes from this visit, in which case it maybe worthy of comment – something completely different!

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