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Yatseniuk for President!…….if I’m not released

February 6, 2013

The Ukrainian presidential elections are not that far away.  Less than 2 years in fact.  Current opinion polls predict a fight between the current incumbent Yanukovych and Vitali Klitscho should the election be held in the immediate future – with the polls having the current incumbent the likely winner.

A long way behind these two in the opinion polls sits Arseney Yatseniuk – somebody I have previously supported when running as Front for Change.  Sadly, I have to say, that since including himself and his party under the Batkivshchnya banner of Ms Tymoshenko my support for him has wained as his policies (not that I agreed with them all) have become evermore lost in that circus.

However, 24 hours is a long time in politics and things can change – rapidly.  As Harold Macmillian is supposed to have stated “Events dear boy, events“.

And so it seems that Ms Tymoshenko, fresh from having her calls for a single opposition party thoroughly crushed, first by UDAR and Klitschko and then by Vyacheslav Kyrylenko and “For Ukraine, has decided to take control – or at least try – of the opposition presidential candidature and eventual race in 2015 instead.

According to RADA MP Oleksandra Kuzhel, Ms Tymoshenko has stated “Definitely, Yulia Tymoshenko said: “Oleksandra, if I am not released, you have to work and help Yatseniuk.  This was the position that she clearly voiced.” 

She added that Tymoshenko also reminded about the importance of consolidated action, the need to stop infighting within the opposition.

 “If all three parties do not stand together, we will be first swept away by the people because those who once again believed, will not be able to forgive unrealistic expectations.”

“And if it so happens that she would not be able to participate in the elections, so we must all work for Yatseniuk. No other position.

So there we have the supposed nomination(s) of a United Opposition – Tymoshenko if freed and Yatseniuk if not – an opposition that is clearly neither particularly united in so much as it is unlikely to stop Klitschko running given his standing in current opinion polls, nor paying very much attention to present public opinion.

Thus looking forward to 2015, for the benefit of Ukraine and the absolutely necessary break from choosing between Kuchma administration political hangovers (and their very skeleton filled closets), to install a different face with a far less murky past and even some ideology that surpasses “power for powers sake” and “gorging from the trough whilst you can”, we have to hope for two things – the first is that Tymoshenko remains in jail until the elections are over, and subsequently a defeat for Yanukovych by whomever runs against him.

If breaking the cycle of electing Kuchma’s corrupt old guard is critical – and it is – the question is then who stands the best chance of defeating Yanukovych?  Yatseniuk or Kiltschko?  Today my money is on Klitschko from the two of them – by 2015, who knows?

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