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Ukraine to introduce a probation system

January 20, 2013

It appears that Ukraine is about to introduce a probation system –  Blimey!

Supervised probation, community work as punishment, supervised social education -all soon to be added to the punishment armoury?  How very “European”!

Furthermore the same bill envisages bail and character based pre-sentence reports for the courts, as well as preparatory schemes for long term prisoners about to be released into society toward the end of their terms – again how very European!

Naturally, the State Criminal Executive Service will first have to create a probation service to actually carry out any of the proposals within the aforementioned bill – and multi-agency case hearings involving probation workers, police, social workers, doctors et al., may just be a step far too advanced for today’s Ukraine, but you never know – a pre-sentence character report has to be written by somebody and if all those agencies have their input then that report may actually consists of more than name, date of birth and address when it comes to meaningful content for consideration by the court.

Whatever next?  Lay visitors to police stations?  I know, I go too far!

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