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Developments in the Transnistra frozen conflict?

January 15, 2013

Here is an interesting little tweet from Sergey Lavrov via the Russian MFA relating to the frozen conflict that is Transistria – a place under 2 hours drive from where I live, and which I have traveled through many times.

“#Lavrov: The 5+2 talks on Transnistria will resume in February. We expect to start discussing the political aspects of a settlement.”

Is the persistent German (more than any other nation or entity involved) direct and indirect influence with Russia having some effect?

Despite a cooling of personal relations between Ms Merkel and Mr Putin, the increasing healthy political, diplomatic and in particular business relations between Russia and Germany of late, across many levels an via many channels, are so obvious that they cannot be ignored.

It is no secret that concessions from both Germany and Russia (sometimes seemingly completely disconnected  to  (but not – as everything is connected if one side wants it to be)  Transnistra have been made over how to move forwards with a Transnistra settlement over the past 2 years.

Something to keep an eye on – a lazy eye that is – a speedy resolution is still very unlikely!

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