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European Parliament to extend mission in Ukraine until Association Agreement signing

January 10, 2013

Well, the European Parliament looks likely to back the extension of its mission in Ukraine until the anticipated signing of the EU/Ukraine Association Agreement at the Vilnius summit in November this year.

Normally, I would question, possibly even cynically deride such a decision as a gravy train EU expense given the amount of EU and EU Member State diplomats in the country at numerous embassies and consuls.

However, if, as Mr Kwasniewski states, the EU mission has managed to create “an effective communication channel, a dialogue and build confidence between all sides involved, including the government and the opposition”, then I am prepared to give the benefit of the doubt that this would indeed be an effective and wise thing to do.

There is much to be said for personal relationships in diplomacy and negotiation when all is said and done.

In the children’s playground sandpit that is Ukrainian politics, somebody slightly more grown up has to try and stop the daily cycle of spiteful kids rubbing gritty particles in the eyes of their opponents – and that is probably most effectively accomplished if sat in the same sandpit – Especially so when Vilnius in November 2013, looks increasingly likely to be a significant event for all concerned.

Time will tell – and we should be mindful of “Events, dear boy – events!” that may yet derail matters once again.

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