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Taking heed of my own observations? Civil society issues

January 6, 2013

Way, way back on 27th August 2011, I wrote this relating to civil society and NGOs in Ukraine.

All very clever, astute, accurate and well worth a re-read – which I have just done – though it doesn’t apply to NGOs and civil society in Ukraine alone.

It goes rather nicely with this lecture from 1999 by Mario Rizzo who makes the same points – but with more specific global and historical examples.  (As with all lectures, the Q&A’s at the end are always well worth a listen and oft better than the lecture.)

So why am I re-reading my clever little ruminations now?

Well, after a long time sitting on the periphery of civil society wrestling with the idea of doing something again – or not – I am now moving slowly along the path of entering the fray once more, by either joining an existing Odessa NGO which amongst the 5 issues it is concerned with, covers my area of interest – or the possibility of starting my own from scratch.

That issue will be decided after Christmas when we sit down and I discover exactly what’s what.

Whichever way I re-enter the civil society arena, the points I made in my 27th August 2011 post, and those made by Mario Rizzo back in 1999 are still very pertinent – and of course troubling – despite any possible willful exploitation of plausible deniability on my part when it comes to the controlling politics of any civil society/NGO entity.

Something for me to mull over further during the next week.

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