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ODIHR/OSCE final election report – Ukraine

January 5, 2013

Eventually the OSCE/ODIHR report on the Ukrainian elections from October has been published – 3 days into the 2013 Ukrainian Chairmanship of OSCE.

The report received a measured response from Ukraine, which naturally promised to work with the organsiation it is now chairing for the next 12 months, to improve the electoral legislation still further.

Of the 43 presidential, parliamentary, legislative elections and referendums scheduled for 2013 globally (at the time of writing), from within the 57 OSCE members, 13 of those elections occur within OSCE nations – including some lesser beacons of democratic transparency such as Azerbaijan, Bulgaria and Georgia – as well as far better examples of transparency, such as Germany, Norway and Austria.

Ergo, as 2013 OSCE Chair, one would expect that Ukraine to send election observers to each and every OSCE nation holding elections – and thus to have no excuses when it comes to witnessing the good, the bad, and quite possibly the ugly, and learn from them.

Quite how what will be learned, how it will be employed, and to what ends, however, remains to be seen – possibly simply far more subtle cheating than last time!

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