Health priorities – Ukraine

December 30, 2012

Well – following on from this post a few days ago, we have this announcement from Ukraine.

How transparent and auditable this will be remains to be seen – I suspect it is will incredibly opaque unfortunately.

One is also reminded that “prevention is better than cure” as the saying goes – the problem with prevention is that it is incredibly hard to audit or measure effectively.

One comment

  1. http://tsn.ua/video/video-novini/na-vinnickiy-fermi-zamordovuyut-tvarin.html

    Let us look at some more health priorities.

    The above link is to an extremely gruesome video, where the owners of a farm in Vinnytsia simply neglected everything.

    Cows, sheep and pigs have frozen and are freezing to death. They have starved, and are starving to death.

    They are also living in excrement up to their ears.

    This is the sovok Ukrainian mentality – Chernobyl syndrome.

    Don’t look for solutions – simply let everything blow up.

    The folks in the village stormed the farm in reaction to the horror on the farm, including the cries of the animals living in absolutely ghastly conditions.

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