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EU reacts to Svoboda – Problems for the United Opposition

December 14, 2012

Well, following on from yesterday’s post where I posed the question about how the EU would react to the United Opposition being in bed with Svoboda, following the disgraceful display by their party members and leadership during and following assaults on a human rights and gay rights demonstration in Kyiv – the day after I asked this (and more) questions, European Parliament has reacted (before the United Opposition) – which is not a very good sign at all!

The European Parliament has called on the United Opposition not to form any coalitions with Svoboda.  Something I said in yesterday’s post would happen sooner or later due to EU sensibilities being absolutely opposite  to the ideology of Svoboda in rhetoric, action and deed.

The European Parliament stated “MEPs voice concerns about the rising nationalistic sentiment in Ukraine which led to the election of the Svoboda Party to the Parliament of Ukraine. The EP recalls that racist, anti-Semitic and xenophobic views go against the EU’s fundamental values and principles and it appeals to pro-democratic parties in the Ukrainian Parliament not to associate with, endorse or form coalitions with this party.”

A response quicker than I anticipated but one I anticipated nonetheless.  Quite how the “United Opposition” did not anticipate this I have no idea.  The writing was clearly on the wall as soon as they decided they needed to cosy up to Svoboda in the run up to the elections – the aftermath of which was obvious to anybody.

So the European Parliament has clearly answered one of the questions I posed yesterday.

Let’s see how and if the United Opposition parties and/or UDAR (and UDAR, to be fair, have always voiced their concerns over Svoboda) react.

As I said yesterday, the writing was, and is now, very clearly on the wall that the EU will never get fully behind the Ukrainian opposition whilst it continues to be so very chummy with Svoboda.

Svoboda is and always has been the enmity of EU ideology.

Will the United Opposition actually show some ideology and integrity, or is power in numbers domestically far more important to them despite the consequences it will have with the EU?

The answer as always with the ideology-less and clueless Ukrainian opposition is the enemy of my enemy is my friend – “”We have ideological differences. But at the same time, three opposition parties are against the regime, against the president, and they want a new future for Ukraine. Therefore, we will cooperate for the sake of this.” – Arseniy Yatseniuk in response to the European Parliament statement.

Say goodbye to what would have been limitless goodwill from the EU then Arseniy.  Making friends with the enemy or your enemy simply because they are the enemy of your enemy can and will lose you friends!

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