Nobel Peace Prize – The EU and accepting awards on behalf of others

October 13, 2012

Not really anything to do with Ukraine, other than the EU currently being its stated eventual destination, and being something of a headlining story in the main stream media, normally it is a subject I wouldn’t touch – simply because it is headlining in the main stream mdeia.

However, Nobel Peace Prize justified?

On balance, it probably is given the continent’s war-like history over the millennia.  Certainly, no matter how protective the (EU) single market is to those outside, investing throughout the single market for the best part of 60 years has removed the urge to bomb your neighbour into oblivion, knowing that you will be destroying your own assets, investments and marketplace in doing so.

In short, the (EU) single market has achieved what it set out to do by way of peacekeeping within the continent –  amongst other things.

So, yes, on balance, it is probably justified in a historical context – although in a historical context the European Economic Community has to take much more of the credit than the current EU structures that superseded it, and that will accept the award.

Those Europeans who really earned this award are the architects of the single market and EEC – and not the EU institutions of today.  It seems a little like a deceased Oscar winner being posthumously given the award with a far less talented close relative to them, collecting it on their behalf.

Somehow, I don’t expect the EU to be picking up the Nobel Prize for Economics any time soon though – and that is something they could claim as all their own work!

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