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RADA passes criminalisation law regarding promotion of homosexuality

October 4, 2012

By 289 votes, the RADA passed on its first reading, a bill that criminalises the promotion of homosexuality.  I have written about it before in some detail.  The accompanying note explaining this law when it was submitted was to combat HIV.

Complete tosh of course.  As the UN reports document, HIV transmission in Ukraine has far more to do with intravenous drug users having unprotected sex with casual partners and they in turn with others.  That and unprotected prostitution.

Firstly, quite how this law would assist in any tangible way combat HIV is a relevant question.  People are either gay, bi-sexual or straight.  Therefore if gay or bi-sexual they are likely to indulge in same sex fumblings when the opportunity arises regardless of any law banning homosexual propaganda.

Secondly the active campaign to carry condoms that is all over Ukrainian TV, despite showing heterosexual people, will hardly be lost on the homosexual contingent in Ukrainian society.

This new law, at least as far as the proclaimed reasoning behind it is concerned, actually ranks up there with the ridiculous ban on pornography brought in by the Tymoshenko government to protect public morality.

Then of course, this law is quite obviously going to upset European Commission sensibilities, if not the sensitivities of all the member states, some of whom are very socially conservative.

So why would the Ukrainian RADA pass this law at the first reading, knowing it will upset Van Rompuy, Barroso, Ashton and numerous rights groups to name but a few?

The answer, naturally is the forthcoming elections.

The ruling Party of Regions currently sit in a coalition with the Communists.  And who sponsored this law?  The Communists.  A Communist party that is doing rather well in the opinion polls.  Better than they have done for a very long time to be quite honest.

Also “The Church” will not be upset by this law – naturally.

Thus in passing this law at the first reading, the Party of Regions are throwing a socially conservative/illiberal  crumb to its allies prior to the elections.  Whether or not it will get through a second reading – and if it does, whether the President would sign it – we will see.

We can immediately expect the decrying of this bill by human rights groups, freedom of expression campaigners and of course the European Union institutions – and quite rightly so.

However, it is not necessarily the case that the law will ever get passed, and the Party of Regions will undoubtedly be aware that the President will come under immense EU pressure not to sign it in to law if it ever reaches him – which it may not – just like the similarly retarded “Defamation Law” that was withdrawn from further consideration on Tuesday also failed to get as far as him.

It may not do the current majority any favours on the international stage to have supported this law in the first reading, but with regards to the forthcoming elections, it will have insured the Communists remain loyal because of the possibility it will become law, and also insured some support from “the Church” to be dropped into conversation with to the faithful over the next few weeks pre-polling day.

It could very well be the Party of Regions have no intention of supporting this law once the elections are over and the renewed coalition gets on with other business thereafter.  It may support it at the second reading knowing the President will veto it.  It may even become law.  Who knows?  Worryingly, the bill actually has cross-party support including the “democratic forces” as I have mentioned previously in the link above.

But the timing is purely political, throwing a socially conservative/illiberal crumb at the Communist Party and Church elites in the run up to the election.  Of that we can be sure.

What we can’t be sure of, is the actual intent to make it law, or the probability it will ever become law.  Despite the obvious echoes of the recent laws in St Petersburg , this law and it’s timing, has far more to do with keeping the Communists and Church on-side in the run up to the election.

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