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A sculpture dedicated to Steve Jobs to be erected in Odessa

August 21, 2012

Odessa has many statues and sculptures.  Hundreds of them to be honest.  Then it is quite an old city.

It seems the next sculpture to be erected is to be dedicated to Steve Jobs (of Apple fame) because of his obvious links to Odessa.

The motivation behind erecting a decision to create and dedicate a sculpture to Steve Jobs, (carrying the incredibly creative inscription “Thank You Steve!”), is outlined in the link.

To be quite fair, he won’t be the first foreigner or even non-Slav to have a statute or sculpture dedicated to them and erected in Odessa.  One of the most famous statues in Odessa is indeed of a foreigner – Duke De Richelieu, who as is name suggests was indeed French.  That said, he is a prominent figure in the history of the city.

Statue of Duke de Richelieu - Odessa

I have to ask, and I have no idea, whether there are as yet many statues of, or sculptures dedicated to, Steve Jobs in the USA?

Whatever the case, very soon, there will be a 2 meter high sculpture dedicated to the late Mr Jobs standing proudly outside 74/76 Novoselskiy Street in Odessa – somewhat bizarrely to my way of thinking I have to say – unless for example, the Odessa City Administration will allow its petrol heads to create a statue/sculpture dedicated to Etienne Lenior for creating the first commercially viable internal combustion engine – after all, his vision and invention also changed the world.

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