Video evidence – Tymoshenko camera shy?

August 15, 2012

As Ms Tymoshenko’s latest case stalls with her refusal to attend court over tax evasion and various other things related to her time owning and running United Energy Systems Ukraine, the Ukrainian Prosecutors have suggested her having a video link instead of having to attend the courtroom in person (as allowed by the new Criminal Procedures Code) and as is nowadays standard practice across Europe and beyond in certain circumstances.

You have to say the Ukrainian Prosecutors Office is obviously being somewhat hopeful in making this suggestion – Ms Tymoshenko refused to give video evidence to a US court only last week over issues also relating to shenanigans from when she was in charge of UESU and a debt to a US company of $18 million.

Normally Ms Tymoshenko is less than camera shy and whilst she maybe hoping that her issues relating to shenanigans with USEU in Ukraine may disappear (again – just as they mysteriously did when she became Prime Minister in 2005), after the next parliamentary elections, they are hardly likely to disappear from the US courts.

One comment

  1. Someone has dug a shameful hole and can’t climb out.

    And no, this issue will not disappear from the US courts.

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