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The language law – Extraordinary session of Odessa City Council

August 12, 2012

Not so very long ago I wrote about the then pending language law in the RADA, the implications of it and the effects it would have on the people of Odessa.

Well, as of a few days ago, that law is no longer pending and has been signed by the President and published.

Thus, the Odessa City and Regional Administration can now legally reply in writing and make regional proclamations in Russia together with Ukrainian within Odessa Oblast instead of just Ukrainian.

In effect, as I wrote in the above link, what has always been the de facto in Odessa through every medium of communication other than writing for the local administrative organs, is now the de jure for all communication in all formats including the written word.

One of the very few things the less than capable Mayor of Odessa, Alexey Kostosev, can consider something of a victory having been a driving force behind the scenes for this language law.  From taking office in 2010 he has always insisted that all records of Odessa City meetings are made in Russian and conducted in Russian.

That said, he remains a less than capable Mayor and as I have written before, language really doesn’t rank that highly on the priorities of Ukrainians despite what the political classes say or do.

Anyway, Mr Kostosev has called an extraordinary meeting of the Odessa City administration on Tuesday 14th August to consider how to implement the very law he has been trying to push through since taking office in 2010.

One wonders why?  Any policy maker when pushing a policy “should” already have a plan for its effective implementation (rather than ineffective or indeed counterproductive implementation) having considered very carefully the casual effects of the policy they are championing.

The law is in effect already – ergo the plans to implement it should also exist.  Is the lackluster Odessa Mayor once again going to display just how inept he is by championing a policy and then immediately failing the Rule of P (Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance)?

Does he have a specific date in mind for Odessa to be fully compliant with this law?

Given his rather less than stellar term in office so far, does he need to be the blazing a trail for others to follow regarding the implementation of this law in order to collect a few appreciative nods from the powerful party people  in Kyiv, many of whom were calling for his head in January?

Does he feel the need to get it done before the October elections when Odessa may no longer have as many RADA MPs from the same political party as him?  For certain, if his predecessor Eduard Gurvitz becomes a RADA MP for UDAR in October, Mr Kostosev will come under extreme scrutiny over the way he has run Odessa since Mr Gurvitz relinquished the post.

Just how difficult can it be to turn the de facto into the de jure anyway in Odessa?

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