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Tit for tat asylum? Ukraine and the Czech Republic

August 11, 2012

Now like almost all governments these days, the Czech Republic political class is struggling to cope with accusations of corruption and maladministration within its ranks.

The most recent of this class to come under scrutiny is Vlasta Parkanova, the former Czech Defence Minister.  Apparently she is accused of spending too much money on the purchase of some aircraft with an alleged overspend of $31 million.  It seems she is not accused of pocketing any of the $31 million additionally spent but is accused of not getting any other tenders to that of the successful supplier.

A quick perusal of the Czech media would seem to indicate that the actual decision to buy was made by the government and not Ms Parkanova individually.  At worst then, it would appear she could be accused of somehow misleading the entire Czech Government by not supplying alternative suppliers and costs.


Anyway, that is her recent history and current situation regarding Czech prosecutions against her in a nutshell.

The issue, in obvious retaliation to the Czech Republic granting asylum to two well known Ukrainians in the past year, including the husband of Ms Tymoshenko, is to be brought before the next PACE/Council of Europe session by Ukraine.  Ukraine has also made some solid inferences, (if there is such a thing as a solid inference), that should Ms Parkanova wish to seek asylum in Ukraine it is very likely to be viewed in a very favourable way.

This on top of the usual diplomatic expulsions of Czech diplomats after it granted asylum to the notable Ukrainian figures in question.

However, as far as I can ascertain,  Ms Parkanova is not in Ukraine, has not raised the issue of asylum with Ukraine and has not asked Ukraine to champion her case with PACE/Council of Europe.

That said I am not party to, or often told about, very many conversations that occur behind closed doors in Ukraine that maybe considered somewhat sensitive.  (To be fair, if I do hear such things and I consider they are sensitive, seldom will it appear here.)

Prima facie, it appears nothing more than an old saber being drawn from its scabbard and rattled now that such an opportunity has presented itself to Ukraine to do so.

Still, it would make things interesting if it did happen.

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