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Webcam election law signed – not that it will make much of a difference

August 6, 2012

The President of Ukraine has signed into law the bill putting in web cameras in polling stations in Ukraine at a cost of UAH 994 million.

Not that it will make much difference.

There will be very few serious electoral code violations caught by any of them as very few serious violations will take place as people are inside the voting booths.  The majority of violations will have already occurred prior to entering a voting booth (bribery, intimidation etc) or will happen after the voter leaves the booth (ballots are mysteriously spoiled, lost, miscounted etc) – neither of which will be on a streaming web camera.

In case you are wondering what will happen to all the web cameras, recording equipment etc, apparently, after the election all the web cams and video surveillance systems will be transfered to local government agencies, who we have to hope will used them in a passive and neutral manner rather than a coercive and invasive one.

Oh well, what do I care?  After all I am always screwed by the system anyway.  I pay taxes but cannot vote.  Ces’t la vie!

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