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Extraordinary session of the RADA – 31July (More shenanigans)

July 11, 2012

It seems there will be an extraordinary meeting of the RADA at the end of July.beginning of August, most likely on the 31st July.

Multiple reasons for this are being touted, some of which are somewhat bizarre.

It seems there are a number of  economic issues that require urgent attention.  I say urgent as if they were not, then there would be no need to consider them until the RADA holidays are over one would presume.  What can’t wait the 6 weeks between 31st July and mid-September when the RADA is due to reconvene economically is anybody’s guess as I haven’t yet been able to find out what, exactly, these economic issues are.

More interestingly,  also on the agenda for this extraordinary session, is the issue of Deputy Speaker (BYuT MP) Mykola Tomenko’s resignation following the passing of the contentious regional language bill – but not that of Oliver Lytvyn The Speaker who also resigned over the same issue at the same time.  His resignation is not on the agenda for consideration.

It seems that is Mr Tomenko’s resignation must be accepted or denied within 15 days of its submission unless he withdraws the said resignation before the session.  Fair enough.  However, apparently, the situation regarding Mr Lytvyn (The Speaker) is different and his resignation should have been considered within 48 hours of its submission and wasn’t.  It is therefore not on the agenda for consideration as it is legally too late to do so.  A de facto resignation not accepted.

However, under the Labour Code of Ukraine, if any person submits their resignation, whether the RADA accept it or refuse to accept it, after 15 days any such resignation is de jure (as well as de facto) if the individual who offered their resignation invokes such a provision under the Labour Code.

As yet, it is not clear whether Mr Lytvyn will do so (and I don’t know any of his people to find out if he will) and those I know in the opposition parties and current majority also claim not to know his intentions yet.  Maybe he is still unsure himself – who knows – but I suspect he will remain Speaker and not invoke the Labour Code, possibly leaving a legal mess to be dealt with in the future.

Thus it would seem, whilst apparently having an extraordinary meeting over economic issues, Mr Lytvyn may well remain Speaker (despite his resignation and even if he doesn’t withdraw it), but Mr Tomenko, unless he withdraws it fairly quickly, will no longer be Deputy Speaker and by default the highest ranking opposition MP because he has been slipped onto the agenda.

All seems a little bit smelly even if the fate of Mr Tomenko was instigated by himself by knee-jerk resignation.

Naturally we can all understand resignation on principle (although he hasn’t resigned over so very many unprincipled actions in the RADA over his career), but I am of the school of thought that it is better to fight from the inside and use any position you have to influence whatever you can, than to be on the outside where you are far more easily ignored.

The results of this extraordinary session of the RADA could be very interesting indeed.

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