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Odessa International Movie Festival – Starts today

July 10, 2012

OK, something local and depending upon film content, non-political.

What?  Why? – Well with the Ukrainian parliamentary elections only a few months away, I am writing a little something about opinion polls and surveys and what makes them  a useful, or indeed useless, guide to public opinion.

As normal I am trying to remove all academic language and pollsters jargon as many people aren’t that fluent in “Academese” and the sight of such mombo-jumbo tends to make them leave this blog and go and look at pictures of pretty Slavic women instead – which can be found anywhere and in all walks of life.  You won’t learn anything but looking at those photographs!

However, removing all the “Academese” from something that is inherently academic has thus far taken two attempts and I am still not happy with it.  It is also a post far better left until the official electioneering is under way and some reliable and some unreliable polls start to be quoted by commentators and journalists, some of which will be far too lazy to get behind the numbers and  see if the polls stand up to scrutiny.

So whilst I am working on that, I thought I would bring you some local and timely information should you be arriving in Odessa in the next few days – namely the Odessa International Movie Festival.

This year, we have the following itinerary, starting today:

– July 10 – 21 – art exhibition by the Festival’s Head Artist’s Alexander Roitburd (@ A. Korobchinskiy Art Center);
– July 13 – Red Carpet event and Festival’s Opening Ceremony (@ Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theater);
– July 13 – 21 – festive fairs (@ Odessa Academic Music Comedy Theater, Primorskiy Blvd);
– July 13 – 21 – open movies demonstration (@ Lanzheronovskiy Descent);
– July 13 – 21 – festival movies demonstration (@ Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theater);
– July 14 – “Big City Lights” mute movies demonstration (@ Potyomkin Stairs);
– July 21 – Red Carpet event and Festival’s Closing Ceremony demonstration (@ Odessa National Opera and Ballet Theater).

Now I’m going back to rewriting something you may not see for some weeks!

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