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RADA holidays to be delayed?

June 25, 2012

Friday 6th July will have been a date circled in chunky red crayon by all the members of the RADA, be they majority or opposition, since the beginning of the parliamentary year, as it is the last working day before their summer holidays.

The days to strike off prior to 6th July are becoming few on each and every “chuffed chart” belonging to each and every RADA member.

However, according to Oleksandr Yefremov, leader of the PoR there is every chance they will push through an extension of this sitting for another week to get 30 urgent bills through in this session.  That would mean the session ends, maybe somewhat appropriately depending upon how you view this lawmaking session,  on Friday 13th!

Thus the questions is, if there are 30 urgent bills to get through the RADA before MPs go off on their holidays, will the opposition block the RADA in response to any of them insuring the session is extended from 6th to 13th July, or will those pre-booked holidays in exotic countries take precedence allowing everything outstanding to sail through the RADA unchallenged?

Tough decisions eh?

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